Coal Tar Ban

Express Sealcoating has kept its customers in the forefront at all times. Being environmentally responsible is not just a Corporate Social Responsibility endeavor, but a firm commitment for us. With the recent coal tar ban, you might be wondering how to get your next road or driveway project completed.

The challenge
Coal tar has long been used as a preferred seal coating for roads, parking lots, and driveways. However, based on the findings of a United States Geological Survey study, coal tar sealants have been banned in some towns in Chicago for playgrounds, roads, driveways and streets. In this scenario, you need to be aware of options that you can explore when you hire a professional sealcoating company such as Express Sealcoating for your asphalt project.

Our solution
At Express Sealcoating, we lend our whole-hearted support to and comply with federal laws and city-wise rules in effect in and around Greater Chicago. In order to continue providing exemplary services to our valued customers, we have brought together a blend of cutting-edge pavement sealing technology and amazing durability that greatly benefits your asphalt project even if your community has enforced the ban.
We are glad to present Gem Seal Black Diamond pavement sealer, a highly feasible alternative to coal tar based sealant. In case your area comes under coal tar pavement sealant ban, you can now opt for the Gem Seal sealer, which provides the same benefits and gives long lasting life to asphalt surfaces.

Your advantage
If you reside in the Greater Chicago area you might be aware of the coal tar ban. While some communities have enforced this ban, some are yet to follow suit. In case you live in a town where the ban is not in effect, we offer you both coal tar as well as black diamond sealant options. We leave it entirely at your discretion to choose any of these for your asphalt project. For communities that have the ban in place, you can still gain all the advantages of a sturdy asphalt based surface with Gem Seal Black Diamond pavement sealer.

Click here to see which communities and towns have this ban in place. If you want to know more on how the superior grade Gem Seal Black Diamond pavement sealer can work to your advantage, call us today for a quick chat and we will be happy to connect with you.