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Our Driveway Sealcoating Process

  • Edge grass from driveway and remove weeds growing through cracks using string trimmers to ensure all the asphalt is exposed prior to the sealcoating application.
  • Thorough cleaning of the entire asphalt surface and in cracks using wire broom to loosen up dried dirt and debris and then high powered blowers to clean off all dirt and debris.
  • Treat Oil spots using a propane torch to lightly dry out the oil and then apply a high grade oil primer to improve adhesion of the sealcoating.
  • Fill “Major” cracks with Thick Trowel Grade Crack filler to help resist water from getting into the cracks and freezing, making your driveway crack even more.(We do NOT fill “Spider Web” cracks or crumbling areas)
  • Neatly brush apply 1 coat of 100% the highest quality Black Diamond sealer manufactured by Gem Seal, formerly Sakrete.(Silica sand is evenly mixed with the sealer for added Traction and Durability)
Gas ResistancePassFail
Oil ResistancePassFail
Water Reabsorbtion1%3.2%
Color RetentionPassFail
Scrub Test4,000 Cycles2,400 Cycles
Drying TimePassPass
Skin IrritantYesYes
Pitch BurnYesNo

We have served 1,000’s of driveway sealcoating customers over the decades,and our reputation for being the cleanest and neatest sealcoating company stands above all others. We have become a leader in our industry and are constantly looking for new ways to improve as well.

We do more than just driveway sealcoating too. If you need some specialized service or asphalt repairs we can give you a free estimate to repair part or ALL of your driveway. We are owned by KAPLAN PAVING in Libertyville, IL which offers complete driveway replacement paving, cut out repairs, infrared repairs, hot crack filling, decorative asphalt, and more.

We service the greater Chicago area for driveway sealcoating in most of Lake County, IL and Cook County, IL. Call us for a Free estimate. (847) 987-3610

We use 100%
“Black Diamond” sealer,
Not Cheaper “Asphalt” based Sealer!

Obviously, the “Black Diamond” sealer is more expensive than “ASPHALT” sealer and we have found that many customers have complained of other companies sealing their driveway and it wore away very quickly. This is either due to using cheaper sealer and/or they watered down the sealer to save money and rip off the customer, unfortunately, this happens all the time.

We only used the best materials available in the industry!

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